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Sep 11, 2018

Quite often, as a side hustler, there can be a discrepancy between how you feel about your progress and your actual progress. That's why it is so very helpful to bring into your life a few trusted people who can give you supportive yet accurate feedback on how you are doing in your side hustle (and in your creative...

Sep 10, 2018

Keep in mind that the antidote to your anxiety about income is action – even if that action is taking even one, clear baby step towards your goal. (Even if that first baby step is simply to "pick a goal to move towards.") Worry and anxiety holds your energy in a perpetual spin cycle, but action interrupts that cycle...

Aug 23, 2018

In this episode, you'll hear Kim express that working with more ease and freedom and flow can take some getting used to.

The good news for Kim – and for you – is that you can retrain your brain to be comfortable with allowing all the good stuff in – allowing yourself to celebrate, receive compliments,...

Aug 23, 2018

Like many creatives, Dennis is a true idea person who loves to be creating and innovating. He's getting a bit better about switching into business mode but, as you'll hear in this episode, that's not where his brain naturally wants to go.

To prevent him from fumbling some excellent money generating opportunities,...

Aug 17, 2018

Kim and Kristine's discussion in this episode addresses three valuable points that every side hustler should take note of:

1) The rich rewards of networking.
2) Choosing to collaborate only with your "right people."
3) The goal to keep your side hustle on the side.


More info about Kristine, plus...